One Company Could Be About To Dominate All Digital Payments

Their four patents could bring big tech to it's knees - Taking over the $2.5 trillion global digital payment market. And that's not all

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5 Reasons AppTech Payments Corp. Can Quickly Become THE Next Fintech Giant

Consumers, especially GenZ, are frustrated with high friction payment systems and poor digital shopping experiences. (3)
Traditional payment systems were built long ago and were not built to scale for online and phone payments. (14)
AppTech Payments Corp. has the ONLY seamless digital payment system that integrates banking and merchant functions for frictionless transactions. (6)
The company has four patents that cover any invoicing or sale between a computer and computer, a computer and cellphone, and cellphone and a cellphone. (15)

Latest News: March 31, 2022

Latest News: March 31, 2022

People are fed up. With all the financial technology out there, why is moving money from person to person, business to business, or paying for goods and services in crypto still seem like some faraway fantasy?

Why do we need to juggle two, three or even four third party accounts to manage our day-to-day? (3)

This is partly due to the antiquated digital systems many banks and merchants are using to conduct transactions. It’s old. It’s clumsy. It’s patched with third party software. And frankly, on the user end it can get aggravating.

Brands are vulnerable to losing younger consumers who are less tolerant of poor digital shopping experiences and will quickly move on from brands.(4)

More than one-third (38%) of Gen Zers say they allow a brand just one second chance to fix a mistake, then, never mind, I’ll find someone like you. (4)

Brands can’t afford to ignore the power of poor digital experiences or risk being canceled.

It’s really not fair. That’s because all of those banking or merchant activities are outsourced to a third party, it’s not the bank or merchant. It’s called white label infrastructure where the bank or merchant’s branding is simply laid over the third-party program. (5)

A radically different financial architecture is here. Here’s who will own it.

AppTech Payments Corp. is in the process of releasing the ONLY seamless digital payment solution that will change the game forever. They OWN all the technology patents. And, according to the company sources, several large players have all already signed on for full integration with their systems.(6)

Heck, if things go as planned, who knows, this could be like having another chance to get in early on Google, Amazon, and Apple.

AppTech Could Make the Competition Irrelevant

It’s practically the "holy grail" of untapped opportunity. No one in the "mainstream" is talking about it, the earning potential is on par with market behemoths - and perhaps even bigger, and it's the ONLY Fintech solution that eliminates the need for costly and potentially buggy middleware

But the best part?

It may be FAR easier for AppTech to eliminate the competition without having to claw their way into a “red ocean.” Why? The company doesn’t even have to make a single sale to generate streams of revenue because the BIG customers are already in plac

No one EVER got rich following the crowd

During the early 2000s, in the halls of Harvard University, an economic theory around banking software was created. This theory is called the “red ocean, blue ocean”.(7)

The Red Ocean includes all of the big merchant processors and all the banking software companies that are picking each other apart in price wars in an ocean of big money. That makes for very bloody or red waters.

The Blue Ocean is where AppTech swims. There’s no blood but there’s $2.5 trillion in liquid cash sloshing around. (2) In fact, they created their own blue ocean. They found a market where money is already being spent – they entered that market with an entirely new solution that’s cheaper, better, and faster.

The Red Ocean dwellers are left standing in disbelief – they operate on the assumption that it’s not possible to do what AppTech has done.

Re-Shaping the Future of Finance

AppTech has created the ONLY single platform that does both sides of the banking and merchant processing in the world – AND it has all the compliance portions built-in. (6)

AppTech’s channel to market is B2B2C. Their clients are the large digital platforms as well as large brick and mortar store chains already using banking and merchant services.

Once they set up these clients, the end user is automatically in the process. This includes the Web and Phone/SMS sales.

Ready for the Coup de Grâce? The Patents

The big reason it is going to be hard to beat AppTech – ever – is their patents. They have four impenetrable patents assigned.

These patents are powerful and cover any invoicing or sale between a computer and computer, a computer and cellphone, and cellphone and a cellphone.

It could be said, everyone in the world might be breaking their patents right now. They have not looked to enforce them…yet.

That said, to avoid conflicts it would not be strange to see many companies begin to switch over to AppTech’s system when the final platform is released.

This Company Is Set to Become the Next Giant in the Explosive “Fintech Boom”

According to a report by JPMorgan, by 2025, widespread adoption and greater use of digital financial services could increase the gross domestic products (GDP) of all emerging economies by 6%, or $3.7 trillion, creating 95 million new jobs. (14)

This potential is already being realized. Today there are at least six payments and fintech

unicorns — i.e., startups valued greater than $1 billion — in Africa alone. (14)

And, Deloitte says in their Finance 2025 report, “The technologies needed to reimagine finance are here and they will only get better.…” (8)

There hasn’t been a global shift like this on the horizon since the railroad, or the internet.

Even if you owned every single share of Amazon, which completely revolutionized the entire retail space, that would be worth somewhere around $1.6 trillion. (9)

While that is definitely not pocket change, it’s still less than the $2.5 trillion market this new tech could revolutionize.

Solving the Rising Tide of Buyers Wanting to Use Alternative Currency

Speaking of revolutions. Here’s one that AppTech is solving in a brilliant way…

In their report, The Rise of Using Cryptocurrency in Business, Deloitte states, “More than 2,300 US businesses accept bit-coin, according to one estimate from late 2020, and that doesn’t include bit-coin ATMs. An increasing number of companies worldwide are using bit-coin and other digital assets for a host of investment, operational, and transactional purposes.” (10)

However, today’s systems are fragmented and cannot quickly convert any transaction from whatever payment source to accepted fiat. It’s not a big problem with smaller items under $100. It’s become quite the hassle with larger items like down payments or full payment for cars, houses, or boats.

This capability is not integrated into their payment systems. They have to leave their system and depending on what cry-pto their customer is using, the merchant has to use 3 to 5 other systems for conversions and uploads and downloads, and transfers. (11)

It’s not so much a regulatory issue either. The use of cry-pto is legal in the US, most of Europe and Canada, however It’s illegal to use cry-pto in China and a few other countries. (12)

AppTech’s platform on the other hand, has this capability integrated. One can pay in any acceptable form and converted on the fly to the currency of the sale.

How big is this?

According to the report, the Global Payment Gateway Market is expected to generate a revenue of $67.4 billion by 2028, growing exponentially at a CAGR of 16.6% during the forecast period (2021-2028). (13)

Moving from AppTech 1.0 to AppTech 2.0.

AppTech is run by some of the best thinkers and developers of today’s current merchant processing platforms and banking platforms.

There are only a handful of large processors IN THE WORLD and AppTech is made of the best of the best.

The top programmers from those companies saw the opportunity and came over to AppTech in 2015 -2018. They had one goal in mind – to build the next generation platform.

AppTech 1.0: Infrastructure development getting ready to launch.

AppTech 2.0: Revenue generation

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100% free and your information stays with us.

Designed and built from the ground up to be a single solution.

The platform was envisioned to be for everything from receiving money to all the banking services. They set out to create the ONLY single platform that does both sides of the banking and merchant processing in the world.

Today’s systems require a ton of programming using the current patchwork solutions. This is because the systems in place were designed before all these new channels (SMS, Web, etc.) to the consumer ever existed.

With today’s systems, the databases are all talking to each other, and all the systems are intertwined – if you make a change in one place, who knows what else is going to get affected?

Cheaper. Faster. Better.

With AppTech, integration fees are lower and the cost to create and maintain a great user experience between all the sales channels. In-store, online, phone etc. is 25% the cost of upgrading or developer costs.

The bottom line is the integration of the AppTech’s solution in a large enterprise is millions of dollars cheaper and hundreds of thousands cheaper in a midsized company.

And on a side note, here’s an exciting piece of news. Rumor has it that there will be big releases in the next couple of weeks. It may have something to do with the Metaverse and the Oculus 2s. We’ll have to wait and see on that one!


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