How United Royale’s Northern Shield Platform Could Be the Secret to Avoiding Disaster in a Potential $368 Billion Industry

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Within the next 12 months, Gartner estimates that 90% of enterprise blockchain applications will require immediate replacement to maintain security, remain competitive, and avoid obsolescence.2
As of November 1st, 2021, the company finalized its acquisition of TrueNorth Quantum, Inc. and its proprietary Northern Shield platform for developing advanced, decentralized apps on the blockchain.3
United Royale’s blockchain platform is scalable and optimized to “leapfrog” new Decentralized Apps (or “DApps”) of any size to market 5x faster than the competition. All while disrupting a sector projected to soar to $368 Billion by 2027.5, 6
Blockchain has boomed and is projected to add over $176 Billion in business value by 2025. The Northern Shield platform is designed to meet the blockchain security standards of major financial institutions across various markets, from FinTech to MedTech.4

The Problem With New Tech

During the panic of “Y2K” and the tech market crash that followed soon after, American companies learned a valuable lesson—never underestimate the dangers (or the complexities) of new technology.

Now, it seems, history may be doomed to repeat itself as some of America’s largest companies wrestle with their own outdated blockchain infrastructure.

Many companies rushed to implement blockchain-based technology over the last few years, with one unfortunate consequence

“Product managers should prepare for rapid evolution, early obsolescence … and the potential failure of early-stage technologies/functionality in the blockchain platform market,” according to the experts at Gartner.

These companies (and thousands more) will require an enterprise-grade, scalable “turnkey” solution to maintain security and viability moving forward. Those same experts at Gartner are warning those companies that they have less than 12 months to make it happen.2

Fortunately, one company has been hard at work on a platform to power the new decentralized economy.

United Royale (OTC:URYL) and its Northern Shield platform.


Most investors today are already aware of cryptocurrencies like Bit-coin or Ethereum. Likewise, you’ve almost certainly heard of the Blockchain technology behind it all.

What you may not realize, however, is the crucial role that Blockchain platforms play in maintaining the availability and the security of blockchain data. Thus, they support the liquidity of the currencies connected to them

“Blockchain platforms are emerging platforms and, at this point, nearly indistinguishable in some cases from core blockchain technology,” explains analyst Adrian Lee.2

This is a crucial distinction that many companies overlooked in a rush to join the Blockchain Boom. Hence, many of the world’s largest companies could be exposed to a wave of security risks or unexpected outages if they don’t keep up and fast.

The Northern Shield Blockchain Platform was developed to address this specific issue—and it was almost certainly a driving force behind United Royale’s recent acquisition of True North Quantum, Inc.8

With Northern Shield, United Royale (OTC:URYL) has a dedicated, enterprise-grade Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution with an integrated “Partner Accelerator Program” to fast-track new clients. All while speeding up the process from idea-to-market by as much as 500%.5


At the time this report was written, the ink on this acquisition deal was barely dry.

Yet, it’s fairly likely that United Royale (OTC:URYL) could rapidly start onboarding new clients as the Decentralized Economy begins soaring towards an estimated $368 Billion by 2027 at a 56.1% CAGR. 6

Northern Shield is a powerful platform with little real competition to speak of. Engineered to scale and meet the standards of even the strictest financial institutions, it has applications across some of the fastest-growing tech markets across the world:


Expected to reach a global market value of approximately $324 billion by 2026 at a 23.41% CAGR. 10


The global MedTech market, or medical device market more specifically, is expected to grow from $471 Billion in 2020 to reach $623 Billion by 2026, at a 5% CAGR. 9


The global AgTech market was valued at $17.4 billion in 2019. It’s projected to skyrocket to $41.1 billion by 2027 at a 12.1% CAGR.11


In 2019, the global digital health market was worth an estimated $175 billion. Projections show this market could boom to roughly $660 billion by 2025 at an expected CAGR of almost 25%. 12

But even as these market segments present a MASSIVE opportunity for potential growth, it’s important to remember that the company is just getting started.

Because United Royale and TrueNorth are dedicated to building a decentralized economy beyond only financial applications…


The global market for cryptocurrencies is currently valued at over $1.49 Billion. Yet, in reality, cry-pto-currencies could be just the first “proof of concept” when it comes to blockchain’s revolutionary potential. 21

The next wave of blockchain-based evolution has already arrived—in the form of Decentralized Apps, or DApps. These DApps can be indistinguishable from the apps you use every day on your smartphone or laptop. But by pivoting to blockchain infrastructure, these companies can tap into some of the same practical benefits that make cryptocurrencies so appealing, including:

  • Removing transaction fees
  • Allowing users to retain their data
  • Employing an open-source infrastructure
  • Since there is no central place to hack, data breaches aren’t even possible
  • Accepting cryptocurrency as a payment
  • Generating income for users
  • Censorship-proof
  • No central authority or monopoly

If you’ve heard of Non-Fungible Tokens (or NFTs), then you’re familiar with one of the most successful types of DApps on the market today.

By attaching classic collectibles like art and trading cards to the blockchain, NFTs provide collectors with the kind of peace of mind and authenticity they’ve only dreamed of in the past. And unlike traditional comic books, stamps, and coins, NFTs don’t ever age or patina. That’s enough of an appealing proposition to drive individual sales of $11.8 million14 and as much as $69 million for an individual “Beeple” NFT. 15

But the new market is not without its problems …

Take, for example, the recent sale of CryptoPunk #9998 in October of 2021 for the jaw-dropping and seemingly impossible price of $532 million. 16

Protecting Investors

Once you look a little deeper, you’ll realize that the sale was effectively fraudulent.

What likely occurred was a phenomenon known as a “wash sale,” which in the world of finance happens when both the buyer and the seller are the same person, and the price is a complete fabrication.

It’s a massively deceptive practice- even if the party involved was just having a laugh.

Within a traditional financial system, measures are typically put in place to prevent this kind of occurrence. However, the new infrastructure of these emerging blockchain platforms is simply not sophisticated enough to screen these activities out.

By implementing the Northern Shield platform, DApps of all sizes can tap into similar enterprise-grade solutions as larger financial institutions, with a critical focus on transaction security and flexibility.

What’s more, Northern Shield’s Partner Accelerator Program offers practical support to help empower developers through every step of the process and bring new DApps to market 5x faster.

For larger financial applications, Northern Shield can guide clients through the process of App Development and Rapid Prototyping. It can also ensure that the app function meets each institution’s specific standards for compliance and safe transactions.

It could mean offering crucial capital injection or working on a transaction-based pricing model for smaller developers and apps. It could also allow fees to scale with revenue as new DApps grow organically.

United Royale’s (OTC:URYL) Partner Accelerator Program is an appealing proposition for potential clients. Meanwhile, it’s also an excellent way for investors to get exposure through what is effectively an “incubator” for up-and-coming DApps.

United Royale coul

Incorporated in Kowloon, Hong Kong, in 2015, United Royale (OTC:URYL) is a small-cap stock with 3+ years of trading history on the OTC. As of Nov 3, 2021, it also had a market cap of just over $110 million.17

Shares were trading as high as $6.50 as recently as Dec 04, 2020, before tumbling to $0.80 when the market closed on Nov 02, 2021.22 This downside price action was likely due to the company’s aggressive pivot into the blockchain space, which remained a mystery following the dismissal of prior management in March of 2020.18

Fortunes for the stock have dramatically changed since the summer, though. As the company’s vision has become clearer, the stock has seen an uptrend, starting with announcing a Letter of Intent (LOI) to acquire TrueNorth Quantum Inc. on Jul 30 of 2021.19

If United Royale (OTC:URYL) retraces its recent highs, that could mean 1,525% of upside potential from its Jan 12, 2021 closing price of $0.40.17 Now, I’m not saying this stock is going to run 1,500%+ in the next day or two, but you need to be aware of the potential upside and potential catalysts that could fuel this stock towards its 2020 highs.

Additionally, consider how tightly the stock is held too. Another encouraging factor is that the company’s single largest shareholder is its director, with 84,456,500 shares worth 59.48% of its ownership (as of 11/3/21). That’s a favorable $66.7 million vote of confidence in United Royale’s (OTC:URYL) future.17

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