Could a New Distribution Agreement Trigger a Potential 1,020% Move Back to 2022 Levels For This Leading Technology Company?

See why now could be the best time to start your research on Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRY)

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8 Exciting Reasons May Have Winner Written All Over It

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Shares of Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRY) have moved over 226% in just over 91 business days since putting in a 52-week low of $.15 on 12/28/2022 and reaching an intraday high of $.49 on 5/9/2023 according to (17)

Potential Upside

As of 5/9/2023, shares of Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRY) opened at $.48. It's worth noting that these shares have shown considerable growth potential in the recent past, reaching an intraday high of $5.38 on 1/12/2022. This represents a potential upside of 1,020.83% from the current opening price. This move is not certain, but the potential should be noted. (17)

Expanding Operations Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRY) is back in action and expanding its reach. After a nine-month hiatus, the company has resumed its ticket operations, supplying over seven million tickets for Texas lottery games in its first week back. This impressive feat demonstrates the company's operational resilience and ability to bounce back swiftly. (16)

Business Model Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRY) is helping to bring the state lottery model into the 21st century, tapping into a market that is expected to grow by USD 27.90 billion. (7)

Demographic Advantages Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRY) is addressing generational shifts in consumer behavior and is now reaching a younger demographic that brick and mortar stores do not.

Gross Margins Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRY) makes up to 95% gross margins on their B2B and B2C products. This high gross margin indicates that the company is able to generate a significant amount of gross profit from each dollar of revenue, demonstrating the efficiency of its business model and its ability to control direct costs related to the production or delivery of its products. (4)

Acquisition Costs Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRY) boasts industry-crushing acquisition costs with phenomenal retention rates. The company currently spends about $4 to acquire a user, and then extract on average $24 from them within just the first year, all while retaining almost 70% of them on an annual basis. And that is just the lower margin, U.S. lottery player.(4)

What You should know

Unveiling the 1,020% in Upside Potential of Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRY)

According to the weekly stock chart view on, the moving averages for Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRY) are as follows: The weekly average price and the 50-day moving average both stand at around $0.48 and $0.49 respectively, aligning closely with the opening price of $0.48 on May 9, 2023. (21)

However, it’s the 100-day and 200-day moving averages that present a more intriguing picture. The 100-day moving average stands at $4.05, while the 200-day moving average is at an even more impressive $7.63. These figures represent a significant increase from the current opening price, suggesting a substantial upside potential. (21)

To put this into perspective, if Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRY) were to reach the 100-day moving average level from the opening price of $0.48 on May 9, 2023, this would represent an increase of approximately 743%. If the shares were to reach the 200-day moving average level, this would represent a staggering increase of approximately 1,489%. (21) These moves are not certain, but the potential should be noted.

According to Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRY) reached a high of $5.38 on 1/12/2022, which would indicate an upside potential of over 1,020% from 5/9/2023’s opening price of $.48. (17)

While these figures/moving averages are not predictions, they do highlight the potential for Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRY).

For those keeping an eye on the tech sector and the evolving lottery industry, Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRY) is certainly worth watching closely at these current levels.

Who doesn’t want to win the lottery, kick back and live the good life?

Let’s face it. Everybody wants to be a winner.

Maybe that’s why online gaming is taking off the way it is. Did you know there was about $7 billion dollars wagered on the Super Bowl alone? It’s insane. (3)

States across the US are seeing the value of legalizing online gaming. Now they really see it by the tax revenues. New York saw a whopping 25% of those Super Bowl wagers. (3)

“Nationwide, sports betting handles are up more than 150% this year,” said Dave Forman, head of research at AGA.

“We’ve seen 11 states launch in 2021. So just the expansion alone, when you couple that with the growth of mature markets, there’s no question that the Super Bowl’s probably going to shatter last year’s record.” (1)

So State lotteries are raking it in too, right? Not exactly.

Revenue from the New York Lottery and its nine racetracks with video-lottery terminals fell 19% in 2020 from 2019, according to data obtained by the USA TODAY Network New York through a Freedom of Information request. (2)

The drop was in part because the “racinos” were closed from March through September due to the CV-19 pandemic, but also because traditional lottery games, such as Powerball, Mega Millions and Quick Draw, saw revenue plummet. (2)

While it’s true revenues bounced back some after the lockdowns. What did we learn from all this? Well, in order to bring in steadier play, help avoid major downturns, and to attract millennials and Gen Z, states need to up their game.

With only 7% of transactions happening online…the U.S. lottery needs a shot in the arm, and is working hard to get them up-to-speed.

Oh and also has a subsidiary in primed to potentially capture a piece of that massive sports action as well. (See how later in the report!)


With its moving averages hinting at substantial upside potential, LTRY is making waves in the industry. But don't just take my word for it, let's look at the bigger picture.

With the RSI & MACD both in favorable situations, alongside the aforementioned bullish moving averages, we are looking at price targets of:

  • $0.54 (+6.29%)
  • $0.69 (+35.82%)
  • $0.57 (+12.20%)
  • $0.75 (+47.63%)
  • $0.64 (+25.98%)
  • $0.82 (+61.41%)

Bringing the Lottery into the 21st Century does not intend to be a lottery provider, they aim to help states take their offerings to a wider audience. An audience tethered to their phones. Ones that don’t use cash. Moreso millennials who want to play, but aren’t big on playing the lotto at convenience stores. has developed a full technology stack to help solve this. There really is an app for that! Through their validated, certified, secure, and geo-fenced technology, users can safely buy their tickets right from their handheld devices. States love it because now they can reach a much wider audience, especially an out of state audience without an Act of State Legislature.

Did you know the State of Nevada has no lottery?

That’s right, even in Las Vegas, the mecca of gaming, there is no lottery. Las Vegas residents have to drive about an hour to the Lottery Store in Primm Nevada where they can legally play.

How is that you ask? It’s because the store is located on Lotto Store Rd and has a Nipton, California address, even though the small community of Nipton is more than 15 miles away, and Lotto Store Rd is entirely on the Nevada side of the border. Thankfully is working hard to help people everywhere avoid these type hassles.

It’s true, states can create their own digital lottery systems (and some have), but this requires a lot of time and money. Systems have to pass stringent laws and obtain funding for development. Let’s not forget the cost of site maintenance.

And let’s be honest, when was the last time anyone raved about the user experience on a state-run site? Right now is active in 12 states including Texas and California with nine more in the pipeline.

According to TechNavio, the lottery market in the US will be driven by factors such as high penetration of smartphones. The penetration of smartphones is increasing because of the declining average selling price of smartphones and developments in communication network infrastructure.

This is fantastic news for as the market is expected to expand by USD $27.90 billion at a CAGR of 5.96% offering the company a healthy amount of market opportunity.

What’s even more impressive is the fact that it is playing in the 2nd largest global addressable market, the global lottery market, that’s worth $398 billion. Which dwarfs even global sports betting at $85 billion.

Right now is valued at a tiny $700 million market cap. And that’s with just 0.02% of the market share. Do the math and imagine how much upside potential this company has at a measly 1% of the market?

Let’s just say, big. Very big.

The Plan to Scale is in Full Motion. All Backed by a Suite of High Margin Products.

You see this is not about what ifs. has the means to potentially take more than 1% of the market. And here’s why. Not only does the company have a current US strategy, but they have a very impressive international strategy as well. In the US consumers can buy draw games and scratchers right online or from their smart devices for a reasonable service, or convenience fee.

Plus runs a charitable sweepstakes where players can donate to qualified causes and enter to win luxury sweepstakes. On the business 2 business side, features a robust API platform that can integrate to sell lottery tickets and games from their online properties. Partner sites can use their payment processors to complete the transactions and receives a service fee for each transaction. Gross margins on these transactions run from a very healthy 17%-33%. Partners with the best of the best…

That all sounds good, but who are the partners? Take a look at the list below and ask yourself how much upside is there for as buying lottery tickets online becomes more common. We all know how fast that can happen!

The World is Their Oyster…

As we’ve seen, the national market is amazing, but the international market? Frankly it’s even better.

Most every country has some sort of lottery game or games. However, many would prefer to play the US games like Powerball where the grand prize has reached as high as USD $1.56 billion in 2016.

In fact it’s so popular that the company’s surcharge can be between $2 to $5 per transaction. Gross margins for international play balloons as high as 34%-54%! does this through their B2B global affiliate marketing program.

The company provides marketing services that are sold through a credit program. This includes pre-paid advertising, marketing collateral and more. This marketing plan is highly scalable and very profitable as the company generates revenues in two ways: marketing services and profit share from sales.

Key acquisitions provide a strong footprint in Central and South America.

As of August 2021 the company completed the purchases of and boasting 421,000 registered players and a home in a combined $9.8 billion market.

Europe is in play as well…

In an effort to penetrate the entirety of this available market, has also finalized several international partnerships, including one to expand into Europe and another to expand into Turkey.

All with some of the lowest customer acquisition costs in the industry.

The company currently spends about $4 to acquire a user, and then extract on average $24 from them within just the first year, all while retaining almost 70% of them on an annual basis. And that is just the lower margin, US lottery player.

Let’s put that $4 into some perspective.

In online sports wagering, the customer acquisition costs for FanDuel and 32Red are $68 and $245.7.

And this will blow your mind. In the United States, the customer acquisition cost for an online casino player is more than $500.

How is that $4 looking now? The company is doing an absolutely amazing job at keeping costs low. Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRY) Reports Robust First Quarter Results for 2022 with a 287% Revenue Increase. (18) Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRY) reported strong financial results for the first quarter ending March 31, 2022. The company’s revenue for the first quarter of 2022 was $21.2 million, a significant increase of $15.7 million, or 287%, from the first quarter of 2021. This growth was primarily driven by the sale of LotteryLink credits to a LotteryLink affiliate. (18)

The gross profit for the first quarter of 2022 was $18.0 million, an increase of $15.5 million from the first quarter of 2021. This increase was primarily driven by the sale of LotteryLink credits to the above-mentioned LotteryLink affiliate. The net loss for the first quarter of 2022 was $15.8 million, while the Adjusted EBITDA was $7.7 million, an increase of $10.3 million from the first quarter of 2021.

Tony DiMatteo, Co-Founder and CEO at the time, expressed satisfaction with the first quarter results and the team’s continued focus on the core business and generating strong Adjusted EBITDA. He highlighted the contribution of LotteryLink to the company’s top and bottom-line growth and the expansion of the user base with limited advertising spend. (18)

DiMatteo also noted that the B2C campaigns in the second quarter have been positive with solid increases in app downloads versus the prior year period while achieving relatively low customer acquisition costs. He added that the promotional programs of LotteryLink have generated new users and created interest from additional national consumer brands looking to utilize LotteryLink for their marketing campaigns. (18)

The company also launched Phase 1 of Project Nexus in the second quarter of 2022. DiMatteo believes that these positive developments, combined with a strong balance sheet, position well for future growth. (18)

Expansion Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRY) Resumes Ticket Operations and Expands into the Dominican Republic (16) Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRY) is back in action and expanding its reach. After a nine-month hiatus, the company has resumed its ticket operations, supplying over seven million tickets for Texas lottery games in its first week back. This impressive feat demonstrates the company’s operational resilience and ability to bounce back swiftly. (16)

The company’s reactivation is not limited to Texas. has also inked an exclusive affiliate agreement with the International Gaming Alliance (IGA) to supply official Texas lottery tickets in the Dominican Republic. IGA boasts a robust retail and online distribution network in the Dominican Republic, with access to more than 1,000 retail distribution points. This partnership is expected to commence in May 2023, following the successful completion of testing.

Mark Gustavson, CEO of, expressed his optimism about the company’s progress and future prospects. He emphasized the company’s commitment to improving disclosure and reporting controls, as well as overhauling internal control systems. 

The company’s turnaround strategy appears to be working according to plan, and the future looks promising.

Erick Caceres, Managing Partner for Dominican Republic Operations, echoed Gustavson’s enthusiasm. He expressed excitement about the partnership with, which will allow lottery enthusiasts in the Dominican Republic to participate in one of the most popular lottery games in the United States. (16) Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRY) Welcomes New CEO Mark Gustavson: A New Era of Growth and Innovation (22) Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRY) has recently announced a significant change in its executive leadership. The company has appointed Mark Gustavson as its new Chief Executive Officer, effective from February 1, 2023. Gustavson brings with him a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success in business development, finance, and operations. (22)

Gustavson’s appointment comes at a time when is poised for growth and expansion. His 17 years of experience in various technology companies, including senior management positions, make him an ideal fit for leading into its next phase of growth. His expertise in transactions, ranging from acquisitions and strategic collaborations to ordinary course transactions, will be invaluable to the company.

In addition to his extensive experience, Gustavson is a co-founder and currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of ZENIOS Technologies Corporation. He has also held significant roles in several other companies, including Regnum Corp (OTC:RGMP), Tri Capital Energy Corporation, Wookey Search Technologies Corporation, and Sharkreach Corporation.

Notably, Gustavson was instrumental in acquiring control of Sansar from Linden Labs Corporation in March 2020, where he implemented an expansion plan and deployed virtual reality applications for live events and festivals. His leadership in this venture underscores his ability to drive innovation and growth.(22)

You’ll want to be in it, to win it!

The more you do your due diligence on the more there is to like. Another vertical has signaled is that they intend to cross-promote with sports bettors. They have already acquired the domain name to host a robust information platform that they can use to generate affiliate income from the wildly sports wagering sector.

“The acquisition of the domain is an important first step in entering the sports betting vertical,” said CEO Tony DiMatteo. “The brand name is a perfect fit for us, and this product pairing is special in the marketplace, as the lottery is one of the most popular games in the world. Our goal is to leverage our favorable customer acquisition costs and platform to efficiently drive growth for and parlay it into other related products.”

You didn’t think they were going to leave out the blockchain, did you?

Perhaps an even bigger area for expansion is the recently announced Project Nexus. Details on this are still coming out, but CEO Tony DiMatteo has said the intention of Project Nexus is to build a blockchain-based platform that any company can leverage for creating compliant, trusted games of chance, complete with support for payments and payouts in any form of currency (fiat or cry-pto). (14)

He has also said development is well underway, and that a global, progressive jackpot game (similar to PowerBall), run by on this platform could come as soon as Q2 2022. (15)

There is so much more to this fascinating company. It’s young, it’s profitable and it has delivered on explosive growth projections and it packs some serious upside potential. Get LTRY on your watchlist today.


Could a New Distribution Agreement Trigger a Potential 1,020% Move Back to 2022 Levels For This Leading Technology Company? (16)(17)

See why now could be the best time to start your research on Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRY)


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