Unveiling the Energy Powerhouses: Equus Energy's (NYSE: EQS) Exclusive Portfolio of High-Yielding Properties in Texas and Oklahoma!

Discover the Hidden Potential of Equus Energy's Strategic Investments Across Thriving Oil Fields!

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$1.74 (+17.57%)

$1.83 (+23.65%)

$2.00 (+35.14%)

$2.25 (+52.03%)

Potential support in the mid-$6 range

Equus Subsidiary, Morgan E&P, Increases Net Acreage and Reserves in the Bakken

6 Reasons Why Equus (NYSE: EQS) Could Be Poised For Significant Upside Potential in 2024

Diversified Portfolio: Equus Energy boasts non-operated ownership of 10 fields in Texas and Oklahoma, offering a diversified portfolio of interests across 141 wells in 13 counties. This diversification can help mitigate risks associated with fluctuations in specific regions or fields.

Strategic Assets in Productive Formations: The company holds strategic assets in fields such as Conger and Burnell/North Pettus, which have rights to highly productive hydrocarbon formations, including the Permian Wolfcamp and Eagle Ford formations. These formations are known for their high production rates and low extraction costs.

Proven Operator Partnerships: Equus Energy's fields are operated by reputable partners such as Chevron USA and Trinity River. The Conger Field, in particular, benefits from Chevron's extensive experience and active recompletion program, enhancing the potential for sustained production and value creation.

Promising Growth in Conger Field: The Conger Field, located in the Permian Basin, one of the largest petroleum-producing reservoirs in the U.S., has seen significant growth in recent years. Technological advancements, including horizontal drilling techniques and increased proppant and fluid intensity, have resulted in a 30% increase in initial production rates and a 106% increase in ultimate recovery rates.

Ownership of Morgan E&P: Williston Basin Opportunities: Equus Energy's wholly-owned subsidiary, Morgan E&P, focuses on developing upstream opportunities in the prolific Bakken formation of the Williston Basin. With a team experienced in drilling, completions, and operations, Morgan E&P represents an additional growth avenue for Equus Energy in a promising energy-producing region.

Responsible and Experienced Management: Equus Energy benefits from a management team with extensive experience in the industry. The company emphasizes responsible development, sustainability, and safety. The track record of the management team, coupled with a commitment to data analytics, positions Equus Energy for strategic and responsible growth.



We have a strong history of confident bullish rallies from this zone and excellent incentive from the market interest perspective!

We have had strong bullish divergence building since fall of 2023, with increasing lows on the RSI and MACD, and lower lows compressing into this consolidation. This sets us up for a strong bullish breakout to the upside.

The MACD is increasing and approaching the zero-line into bullish territory, which is a precursor to uptrends.


$1.74 (+17.57%)

$1.83 (+23.65%)

$2.00 (+35.14%)

$2.25 (+52.03%)

$2.70 (+82.43%)

Potential support in the $1.36 range


(NYSE: eqs)

Equus Energy, LLC (“Equus Energy”) has non-operated ownership of 10 fields in Texas and Oklahoma (collectively, the “Properties”). This portfolio represents interests in 141 wells across 13 counties in these two states. Proved reserves are 44% producing and approximately 58% oil; additional liquids are associated with the gas reserves which have a high BTU content. A significant portion of the overall value stems from the Company’s 2,400 acres in the Conger Field. Located in Sterling County, Texas, the Conger Field is operated by Chevron and has historically managed an active recompletion program.


The Company’s 10 field locations range from the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles to the Gulf Coast. Two of these fields, the Conger and the Burnell/North Pettus fields, have rights to the Permian Wolfcamp formation and the Eagle Ford formation, respectively, two of the most productive and low cost hydrocarbon production zones on earth.


Equus Energy holds a 50% working interest in 40 Canyon Sand gas wells and rights to 2,400 gross acres in the Conger Field, located in Sterling County, Texas. The Conger Field is situated on the eastern (termed the “Midland”) side of the Permian Basin, the largest petroleum producing reservoir in the United States measured both by reserves and production, which presently accounts for almost ¼ of aggregate U.S. hydrocarbon production.

Equus Energy’s Conger wells are operated by Chevron USA, which has drilled over 350 Canyon Sand wells in the Conger Field since 1975. The wells were initially reported as oil wells (on a lease basis) then gradually reclassified as gas wells. In 2003, Chevron began a recompletion program in an oil and gas field near Conger from the Canyon Sand reservoir (upper Pennsylvanian formation) to the Wolfcamp formation, a prolific producer of oil and natural gas throughout the Permian Basin. In November 2016, the U.S. Geological Survey estimated that 20 million barrels of oil, 1.6 billion barrels of natural gas liquids, and 16 trillion cubic feet of natural gas was recoverable from the Wolfcamp formation.

Below is an illustration of the various geologic strata in the Midland section of the Permian Basin, with the Wolfcamp formation (divided into 4 sub-zones) beginning at a depth of approximately 6,000 feet.


The Conger Field is located in the southwestern corner of Sterling County, Texas, with the various Conger leases situated on contiguous or adjacent township sections concentrated in a few square miles. The leases in which Equus Energy holds a working interest are highlighted in yellow below:


Generally. Equus Energy holds a 7.2% working interest in the Burnell Field and a 2.5% working interest in the North Pettus Field located in Karnes, Bee, and Goliad Counties in Southeast Texas. These interests have been unitized through various limited partnership and joint venture structures, with Trinity River as the principal operator, having acquired its operating interest from Legend Natural Gas LP in 2017. Legend acquired operatorship from Devon in 2005 and has since drilled over 20 wells in the two fields. The main targets have been the Middle Wilcox Z and G Sands at depths of 9,000’ and 10,000’. On the Burnell and North Pettus Units, there are 69 total wells that collectively produce approximately 2,000 MMCFD and ~200 barrels of liquids per day.

Burnell. The Burnell Field, also known as the Burnell Unit, is located just north of the North Pettus Unit of the Tulsita-Wilcox field. They are very similar accumulations with the trap being a downthrown structural closure that produces from the same Upper and Middle Wilcox Sands. Like the North Pettus Unit, Burnell Field was a Pennzoil legacy field. Prior to the sale of its interest in 2017, Legend drilled five wells in the Burnell Unit since 2005 and has made three Middle Wilcox Z or G Sand completions, one Upper Wilcox Massive Sand completion and one Upper Wilcox Slick Sand completion

North Pettus. The Tulsita-Wilcox Field was discovered in 1942 by Union Producing Company, and the majority of the field was unitized in 1947 as the North Pettus Unit. Prior to the sale of its interest to Trinity River in 2017, Legend drilled 17 wells in the unit since beginning their initial drilling program in early 2006. This activity resulted in an increase in gas production from 2,600 MCFD to over 18,000 MCFD in 2008. The Upper and Middle Wilcox Sand reservoirs are encountered at drilling depths of 6.000’ to 10,000’. The primary trap at all levels is a simple, downthrown rollover structural closure. The Middle Wilcox Sands, which are encountered at depths from 9,000’ to 10,000’, have been the primary focus of legend’s drilling program. Thirteen out of the 17 wells drilled at North Pettus Unit are Middle Wilcox Z or G Sand completions.



Morgan E&P (“MEP”) is an exploration and production company formed in 2023 to responsibly develop upstream opportunities targeting the prolific Bakken formation of the Williston Basin. MEP is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Equus Total Return, Inc. (NYSE:EQS).

Exploration And Production

Morgan E&P (“MEP”) is an exploration and production company formed in 2023 to responsibly develop upstream opportunities targeting the prolific Bakken formation of the Williston Basin. MEP is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Equus Total Return, Inc. (NYSE:EQS).

The MEP team has extensive experience in the Williston Basin, from the identification of successful producing areas, to the design, drilling and completion of over a thousand wells, to successful operational and financial contributions, all while committed to operating safely and responsibly.


Morgan E&P is committed to operations in the Williston Basin in North Dakota. Morgan E&P was formed in 2023 and its key management and operations team have drilling, completions and operations experience covering over 3,000 wells across the Williston basin as well as accumulated key expertise in the successful development of other unconventional reservoirs such as Permian, Powder River, Big Horn, Green River, and San Joaquin.

The operations team is dedicated to a data analytics driven approach that factors in key corporate values of sustainability, safety and local community partners as our strategic competitive advantage.


The Bakken formation in the Williston Basin is a vast sedimentary rock unit covering approximately 200,000 square miles, with the majority situated in North Dakota. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) estimates that the Bakken formation holds recoverable reserves of up to 7.4 billion barrels of oil and 6.7 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, making it one of the most promising regions for energy production.

In recent years, the Bakken has experienced remarkable production growth, significantly contributing to the United States becoming a leading oil and gas producer, with over 1.5 million barrels of oil produced per day during 2022. Additionally, the Williston Basin benefits from a well-developed infrastructure, including over 10,000 miles of pipelines, numerous rail terminals, and processing facilities. This enables efficient transportation and distribution of oil and gas resources and provides a competitive advantage in accessing major refining and consuming markets.


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