How One Drone Company Utilizes Artificial Intelligence to Save Lives

Find out how Draganfly Inc. (NASDAQ: DPRO, CSE: DPRO) is using cutting-edge A.I. with its industry-leading drone technology to save lives around the globe.

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Disaster Risk & Assessment Operations Creating Huge Opportunity for Drone Industry

6 Reasons Why Draganfly Inc. (NASDAQ: DPRO) (CSE: DPRO) Is Ready To Soar

A Rare Opportunity: As Draganfly (NASDAQ: DPRO, CSE: DPRO) continues to grow, revenue could double, triple, with one even just large contract in Ukraine.

Impressive Firsts: Draganfly’s Draganflyer X4-ES is the first drone credited with saving a human life. In 2013, it helped Canadian officials locate an injured driver in a heavily wooded area. The drone remains on permanent display in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

Super-Leverage Potential: If Boeing adds a million dollars to its drone sales, it would be a 0.002% drop in the company’s $62 billion revenue bucket. The share price would be lucky to rise 3-4% on the news, though anything can happen. Draganfly continues to hit sales milestones with each major contract. The company continues to deliver positive news that is making shares jump.

A Trusted Name: Draganfly has been driving the future of drones since the pre-drone era. The company has a stellar reputation and a proven track record of success. Draganfly has forged strong relationships with governments and industry leaders worldwide for more than two decades – keeping it in the loop on future business.

Enviable Assets: 24 issued patents, a 24-year track record of developing award-winning drone solutions, and top-notch billion-dollar clientele all adds up to a big opportunity for early investors.

Reliable, Cost-Effective Drone Solutions: Whether it’s flying over hazardous terrain or battlefields, mapping resources, locating assets, spreading feed and fertilizer, or carrying small loads, Draganfly’s drones can get the job done faster and at a fraction of the cost.



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Draganfly Inc.


Find out how Draganfly Inc. (NASDAQ: DPRO, CSE: DPRO) is using cutting-edge A.I. with its industry-leading drone technology to save lives around the globe.

It’s a crucial player in the Ukrainian crisis…

A new strategic partner for maritime safety…

And the FIRST drone ever to save a life.

This could be the hottest investment opportunity of 2023… The World Economic Forum is calling A.I. “the global growth story of the 21st century”

PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the second-largest professional services network in the world, estimates A.I. could potentially contribute $15.7 Trillion to the global economy by 2030 – more than the economies of Japan, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom… combined.

And the Institution of Engineering and Technology says, “AI is the investors’ Next Big Thing”

Draganfly (NASDAQ: DPRO, CSE: DPRO) is positioned right in the middle of it – and as you’re about to see, the company could potentially hand investors a major win this year.

Billionaires like Musk, Bezos, and Gates are already plowing fortunes into AI, positioning themselves for what could be a major payday in the coming years.6

In fact, Microsoft is reportedly looking to invest $10 billion in OpenAI – a tiny company that created ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence-driven chatbot.

But while having some AI bot write your next work email sounds cool, investors could potentially cash-in far greater gains from a much more valuable use of AI: saving lives.

That’s where NASDAQ-listed Draganfly Inc (ticker: DPRO) has enormous potential…

You see, Draganfly is the oldest drone company in America, founded in 1998. With 25 years in the field, it’s the only company that possesses the expertise necessary to operate complex, humanitarian missions in a warzone, like the frontlines of Ukraine (but more on that in a minute).

The company has also developed a life-saving artificial intelligence software, called Vital Intelligence. Vital Intelligence collects data from specialized thermal imaging, LIDAR, optical, and multispectral radio wave sensors, and analyzes it using machine learning to spot people in need – faster. In fact:

Draganfly Was The First Drone Ever To Save A Human Life

It happened in 2013 when an individual injured in an automobile accident wandered away from the crash site in subfreezing weather… Draganfly’s thermal imaging technology succeeded where ground teams and helicopters failed.

Smithsonian Magazine called the event:

"The most significant aeronautical revolution in decades."

There’s even a Draganfly drone at the Smithsonian Museum to commemorate it.

The Draganflyer X4-ES located the individual in the later stages of hypothermia, dressed only in a t-shirt and pants.

This historic, life-saving event changed the perspective on drones. Not only are they a fun ‘hobby’ for consumers, and a tool for military intelligence – but they can be crucial in medical logistics, humanitarian aid, search and rescue, mine detection and so much more…

Unlike most drones – none in the consumer market, and only a few outside governments – Draganfly drones can maintain strong, secure communication far past the line-of-sight, sending gigabytes of data back to the user.

This allows Draganfly drones to operate from a safe distance, going places that aren’t yet safe for emergency personnel. This means they can point help in the right direction — giving a real-time assessment of needs on the ground, or at sea.

This capability was a key factor in why Draganfly was trusted to be first on the scene in the early days of the Russia-Ukraine war – and why it could be an essential component in Ukraine’s recovery efforts for years to come. But more on Ukraine in just a second…

Because Draganfly just announced a partnership that could catapult the company’s growth and have a tremendous impact for investors.

Draganfly Signs Deal with Lufthansa Industry Solutions to Strengthen Marine Infrastructure and Save Lives

Lufthansa Industry Solutions, an IT service provider and a subsidiary of Lufthansa Group, just signed a major deal with Draganfly.

Draganfly’s drone solutions and Vital Intelligence software will aid Lufthansa during marine search and rescue operations, and for reconnaissance purposes – adding an extra layer of safety and security for crew members and passengers.

  • During search and rescue, Draganfly’s specialized drones with optical and infrared imaging capabilities can map the currents and open water, locate survivors, and begin measuring core vitals. With its strong communication abilities, it can provide real-time, actionable data for the crew and rescue teams. Meaning, Draganfly drones can help rescuers get to an overboard passenger faster.

  • Draganfly’s drones can also be used to inspect cargo and potential hazards on the water. And since these high-endurance drones can operate in dangerous areas, they can provide useful information that otherwise wouldn’t be available.

Klaus Vollmer, Managing Director of Lufthansa Industrial Solutions Hamburg & VP of Lufthansa Industrial Solutions Miami, is:

“looking forward to a long and successful partnership”.

Lufthansa could be the first of many in the maritime industry to take advantage of this life-saving tech.

And while this recently-signed deal may be Draganfly's first over the ocean, it has already been a game-changer over land - especially in Ukraine.

Draganfly Inc.


Draganfly’s Critical Impact in Ukraine

Draganfly is a growing trusted provider within the Ukrainian government, as well as NGOs and numerous emergency response teams, to provide essential equipment and solutions to Ukraine.

In fact, the company’s leadership has visited Ukraine twice since the war broke out, and is currently working on the ground with multiple NGOs for humanitarian efforts.

That’s because Draganfly’s dedicated medical drones are capable of carrying payloads up to 30 pounds. They can deliver everything from first aid kits to plasma and blood, to emergency supplies.

And with the drone’s advanced technology, they can easily get to places that ambulances or other emergency services can’t.

The demand for these state-of-the-art solutions is mounting as donations pour into Ukraine from across the globe:

  1. USAID has raised more than $1 billion for Ukraine in humanitarian aid.
  2. The US government ups that commitment to $1.5 billion — dedicated solely to humanitarian aid.
  3. The EU has pledged over $500 million for humanitarian aid in Ukraine.
  4. And a number of other countries are contributing smaller amounts to the humanitarian effort as well — like Canada, with $75 million to date.

Altogether, it’s well over $2 BILLION pledged purely for humanitarian aid in Ukraine — with more likely on the way.

And Draganfly drones come at an affordable price, considering the technology involved: $5,000 to $50,000, with only a few top-of-the-line drones hitting the higher prices.

That means Draganfly can fill an important niche, at a fraction of the cost of other solutions, with a tech that can speed up every aspect of rescue work. Making Draganfly an easy choice for Ukraine.

But it’s not just medical supplies and equipment delivery that Ukraine needs …

Every Day the War Continues, It Will Take Another 30 Days to Clear All the Mines Laid

The sensors on Draganfly’s reconnaissance drones are extremely sensitive. Some of the higher-end models include magnetometers and ground-penetrating radar.

Even the standard sensors on Draganfly’s recon units can see just about everything that matters in a battle space.

That includes camouflaged humans, munitions and land mines. It even includes changes to vegetation and ground disturbances — to easily spot freshly dug ground.

And Ukraine needs both — especially for the aftermath of the war.

Already, there’s 20 years of work ahead, just de-mining what’s already been put in place — much of it around Kyiv and Lyiv.

And, of the thousands of bombs Russia has dropped so far, about 20% don’t go off. That means there are unexploded munitions scattered throughout the country, posing an obvious danger to civilians. Not only that, it could have a catastrophic impact on the country’s agriculture.

Ukraine is an agricultural powerhouse. In 2021, it was the fifth-largest wheat exporter, fourth in corn exports, third in both barley and rapeseed, and first in sunflower oil.5 It is often called the breadbasket of Europe.6

Food Exports Make Up 41% of Ukraine’s Total Exports, But The War Has Disrupted All That

Today — even with transport channels open that were closed earlier in the war — Ukraine grain exports are down 33%.

It isn’t just because of active hot zones, or previous battlefields. Sowing the ground with mines has proven as popular in this war as in past ones. And every day — no matter which direction the front line is headed — more of the fields that feed this country, and many others, are filled with mines.

Getting rid of these mines is incredibly important for multiple reasons:

  1. Avoid injuries and death on the ground.
  2. Free land to grow food and feed the nation.
  3. Feed Europe and parts of Africa and Asia as well ­— keeping the country’s economy afloat.

To that end, Draganfly drones have another useful feature.

With the advanced analytics these drones have, coupled with powerful sensors, they not only tell you where mines are. They tell you where mines aren’t.

In other words, these drones are sophisticated enough to clear a field — without a human ever having to risk life or limb – with no heavy military machinery necessary.

  • They can detect metal mines or munitions with a quick thermal scan.
  • They can detect mines made with wood and plastic by taking two thermal sweeps of an area — one in the morning and one in the evening — and then measuring temperature differences.
  • And they have the capacity to quickly scan an area — covering 100 acres in a single flight, marking areas safe, and marking mines to be dealt with later.

With the mine situation becoming worse, Draganfly is already in talks about spinning up a larger fleet, to help deal with the growing problem.

Not only could a deal like this assist Ukraine on their path to recovery, but it could skyrocket Draganfly’s revenue! Making it a lifesaver, and a potentially smart choice for savvy investors…

Now Expanding Into the World’s Soon-to-Be Largest Market

Later this year, India is projected to pass China and become the most populous nation on earth. But that’s not the only way that India is passing China.

It’s also becoming the developing world’s number one growth economy. China is slowing down — with only 3% GDP growth last year.

India, on the other hand, is just beginning its rise. It is the fastest growing major developing economy in the world — with GDP growth hitting 8.7% last year.

As expected with a rapidly developing economy, huge amounts of money are being poured into infrastructure. This year’s government increased infrastructure spending 33% last year, and infrastructure spending has tripled overall since 2019. All told, India is spending $122 billion on infrastructure, with further growth on the way.

And now, some of that money is headed towards Draganfly.

Earlier this year, Draganfly announced a partnership with Remote Sensing Instruments of India (RSI), a geospatial company. The two businesses complement each other well — with RSI adding its expertise to the robust software suite Draganfly already has.

More importantly, RSI gives Draganfly a partner on the ground to help bring it into the Indian market. Now, there are plans for Draganfly to open a factory in India to produce drones for the domestic market. And expand the use of Draganfly drones into essential infrastructure.

In the US, Draganfly has pilot programs working with emergency and fire services.

In India, Draganfly’s drones are expected to be a major component in India’s infrastructure buildout. As is often the case, the most cutting-edge tech isn’t often unveiled at scale in rich economies. It is unveiled in the newest projects.

  • That’s why America’s cities electrified before Europe — and its railways crossed the continent earlier.
  • It’s why Japan got bullet trains at scale before anyone else.
  • It’s why China got Maglev trains at scale before anyone else.
  • And it’s why India will lead the world when it comes to integrating drones into city and agricultural infrastructure. Draganfly’s entry into the Indian market has the potential to accelerate growth by years. And that’s a conservative estimate.

More Than a Drone Company

It can’t be stressed enough — while Draganfly’s drones are top-of-the-line, with advanced sensors no other company provides, that’s not only what sets the company apart. It’s the strength of the analytics built into Draganfly’s software, over the past 25 years.

Because in truth, Draganfly is a data company – and is so much more than just a drone company.

They’ve developed Vital Intelligence technology, which is specialized artificial intelligence software that analyzes the data coming through Draganfly’s sensors to detect and make potentially life-saving discoveries – a feat that’s arguably much more valuable than the next big “Chatbot”.

And while selling the hardware (the drones themselves) is a lucrative business, with a 35% profit margin. Advanced analytical and AI capabilities could prove the long-term catalyst for Draganfly.

The business related to data, including software and analysis, pulls up to an 85% profit margin on recurring business.

And someday soon this life-saving tech will start trickling into the wider world.

In fact, it’s already happening. The Spring Branch Texas EMS service is using Draganfly drones to assist with emergencies.

In addition to getting supplies where they’re needed seven minutes faster on average, drones also cut down on expenses related to false alarms — which make up about 20% of all calls.

That frees first responders up to get where they’re needed quicker.

You see, Ukraine is just the beginning. The market for these drones will expand to include everything from aiding local governments, to federal emergency response teams, to family farms.

Innovative Uses in Other Markets

Versatility is at the core of Draganfly’s mission. Rather than create generic drones with quality specs, the company has developed a more personalized business model. Instead, they ask those on the ground what they need, and then design a drone program to fit the purpose.

From commercial delivery drones to drones that can analyze a farmer’s field and assign water, pesticides, and fertilizer where it’s needed, or act as an early warning system for any issues.

And Draganfly’s most advanced drones — with magnetometers and ground-penetrating radar — are already proving very useful in finding ore to mine.

Fire and Rescue

Draganfly has a number of governmental applications, and the technology is now at the point where Draganfly drones are both a faster and more affordable solution.

Fire Services are starting to use Draganfly drones to patrol its forests, covering much more ground than was previously possible.

These drones can measure moisture content in vegetation with enough precision, they can provide an early-warning system for potential hot spots. And when a fire does break out, these drones can deliver firefighting and first aid supplies to dangerous areas, without risking a life or having to necessarily use helicopters.

Getting supplies and tools to a hot spot in 15 minutes is very compelling — when it would normally take hour(s) with an ATV, (if possible at all), and is expensive and dangerous or not available to do by helicopter.

They also can help map a fire quickly, from a bird’s-eye view — key data when fighting massive blazes.


Agriculture is the largest segment of the enterprise drone market – and it keeps getting bigger. In 2014, about a third of U.S. farmers told the Farm Bureau that they either used drones or were “thinking about it.” Just four years later, it jumped to three-quarters.

The reason for the jump? Family and commercial farms were on the edge.

Crop failure rates have soared as a result of extreme weather, high costs, supply chain woes, and other once uncontrollable environmental factors. But drones are now making many of these concerns obsolete. In Japan, drones the size of insects are doing the work of bees to pollinate flowers.

Draganfly’s drones are already in action across North America – patrolling miles of farmland. They’re monitoring irrigation, looking for crop diseases, spotting areas where pesticides or fertilizer need to be reapplied, and much more.

The company has been so successful that in 2021 the U.S. Department of Agriculture selected the Draganfly Commander for data collection and phenotyping.

If that word is new to you, it’s because this is cutting-edge technology and Draganfly Inc. (NASDAQ: DPRO, CSE: DPRO) is in the lead. With phenotyping, aerial cameras can quickly evaluate plant traits that used to take teams of on-the-ground personnel.


With extreme weather becoming more common, insurance companies are not only taking a hit on payouts – but they’re also feeling a pinch in manpower.

Brad Clow is a crop operations manager for the insurance company Country Financial. He’s a believer in what drones are capable of:

“In the past, if we had a wind claim on a 200-acre field, we would deploy four to five adjusters to walk that entire field looking for damage. It could take four to five hours. Now we can fly that field and cover that 200 acres within probably 15 to 20 minutes.”

Equipped with a suite of sophisticated sensor technology, a Draganfly drone can easily do it in roughly 15 minutes.

Draganfly Inc.


Drone Demand Spikes On Labor Shortages And Rising Wages

Industries with tight margins like agriculture, mining, and construction need workers for routine tasks. However, data finds that younger adults in rural areas are pursuing other careers.

Workers are becoming scarce and wages are rising. The chart from AgAmerica Lending shows the change from 1950-2000. That’s accelerating in 2022. The work is often hard and dangerous.

100-acre farms need a lot of surveillance to manage irrigation, fertilizer, weeds, and crop damage. When it comes to 5,000-acre farms, owners need help.

Drones are a versatile, reliable and cost-effective solution. Draganfly’s UAVs can fly over a field or mining site at next to no additional cost.

Farmers today are well-educated and are constantly looking for ways to increase business outputs and profitability. They are learning to program and fly drones themselves. The same shift is taking place in other major markets including construction and mining.

A Global UAV Leader With A Competitive Advantage

While a growing number of drone companies are popping up, they lack something very important: experience.

The award-winning team at Draganfly (NASDAQ: DPRO, CSE: DPRO) is comprised of industry leaders with decades of experience in robotics, aviation and engineering. The company stands out from the rest because it has the know-how, intellectual property (IP), and infrastructure to provide world-class end-to-end solutions.

From quarter to quarter, Draganfly continues to report record revenue and important partnerships with established brands. This is a company leading the way in a sector projected to be a $43 billion juggernaut by 2025, with A CAGR over 15% beyond that.13

But today, this venerable, established leader in the drone sector only has a market cap of $25 million.

That won’t likely remain the case for long.


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