This Could Be The Biggest Mining Trade OF 2023!

With copper being so hot right now, American Copper Development Corp. (OTCMKST:ACDXF) may be one of the arena’s biggest hidden gems.

Price Targets




BONUS: $0.32 (+45.12%) Potential support at 0.2125


American Copper Initiates A 5,000m Drill Program At Its Flagship Lordsburg Project

5 Reasons Why American Copper Development Corp. (OTCMKTS: ACDXF) Could Be Poised For Significant Upside Potential in 2023

TIER ONE JURISDICTION: With its flagship Lordsburg project well under way and Pacific Ridge exploration, American Copper has access to prime locations which historically strong findings.

MANAGEMENT WITH PROVEN TRACK RECORD: Good governance will ensure the Board of Directors and Management conduct its business affairs and carry out its overall responsibilities by providing accountability, transparency, and sound decision making, key components to ensure that the interests of the Company and its stakeholders are properly aligned.

EXCELLENT CAPITAL STRUCTURE: With a roughly 60 million share public float, options, and warrants, over $10M in working capital, $20M in market capitalization, and an incredible management team, this mining company is efficiently primed for huge growth potential.

ACTIVE MEDIA PRESENCE: Attention is currency, and American Copper (OTCMKTS: ACDXF) is taking control of that attention and developing strong partnerships in order to secure ideal exploration plots and efficient asset management.

STRONG SECTOR DEMAND: The mining and exploration industry has been rocketing forward as demand for minerals and conductive materials increases. This is only expected to continue growing as new technologies and manufacturing techniques are developed, putting American Copper (OTCMKTS: ACDXF) at the front of the line to reap the rewards.



We have bullish trendline support as well as historical structural support, with a healthy retracement to top it off!

Third bounce off of this support trendline should reflect similar behavior as it has before (big push to the upside)

Healthy retracement with bullish sentiment off of this area of confluence

More density within the volume profile indicates accumulation from larger investors in anticipation of a massive run. As the RSI approaches the 50-line and this volume increases we have a golden opportunity in front of us


Ideally, we would see a strong open and sustain a volume push over 10k. We need to see it push away from this local support trendline and maintain this longer-term support in doing so. Once we see that, we should see some nice confirmations and can ride the wave.


Target #1: $0.24(+8.84%)

Target #2: $0.2653(+20.32%)

Target #3: $0.28(+26.98%)

Bonus: $0.32 (+45.12%)

Support: $0.2125

American Copper Development corp.

(OTCMKTS: acdxf)

With copper being so hot right now, ACDXF may be one of the arena’s biggest hidden gems.

Lithium has been having its moment in the sun, but copper is quickly pushing itself to the front of the stage. The metal is going to be crucial for the world’s transition to electric vehicles. 2022 was the biggest year for electric vehicles in the United States on record… Automakers are hustling to claim their position in the electric vehicle future. A copper shortage could send copper prices booming and copper-related companies like American Copper Development Corp. (OTCQB: ACDXF) may explode alongside!

American Copper Development Corp. (OTCMKTS: ACDXF) is embarking on taking full advantage if copper prices explode, as the company continues its hunt for a major copper discovery on its flagship property…. Nothing is early stage here…. Years of preparation have been spent on the company’s high-grade past-producing copper district property. Now it is time to drill, and this is one of the most exciting times for any exploration company. With plenty of cash on hand and drilling to commence soon, the results could quickly catapult this quietly trading company into the spotlight!

American Copper Development Corp.


Could ACDXF be the biggest copper play of 2023 going undetected?

The race for copper is intensifying as renewable energy continues to go mainstream. From electric vehicles to solar panels, copper is expected to be a big player. The lithium boom was the big story of 2022 but in 2023 it could be the copper boom. A copper shortage and a highly anticipated transition to a lower carbon economy make it an ideal time to add American Copper Development Corp. (OTCQB: ACDXF) to your radar!

The company’s flagship asset is a staggering 18,700 acre land package that includes 100 patented claims totaling 1,900 acres. The claims are adjacent to the claims of industry giants Rio Tinto and BHP! Modern technology that has never been used before will be utilized on the company’s project. New Mexico offers American Copper an opportunity to grow a successful copper-focused company. Other mining legends in the area include Taseko, Freeport, and Hudbay Minerals. Hudbay is also the company’s largest shareholder…

Now is the time to see why insiders are loading up and how ACDXF’s flagship project could lead to sky-high shareholder growth.

American Copper Development Corp.








Introducing the Management Team of American Copper Development Corp. (OTCMKTS: ACDXF)

Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse - Chairman

Mr. Van Nieuwenhuyse was appointed to serve as President & CEO of CONTANGO ORE in 2020. He previously served as President & CEO of Trilogy Metals Inc. from January 2012 until December 2019.

Between May 1999 and January of 2012, he served as the President & CEO of NOVAGOLD, INC., a company that he founded. He served as the Vice President of Exploration for Placer Dome from 1990 to 1997. Mr. Van Nieuwenhuyse holds a Candidature degree in Science from Universite de Louvain, Belgium, and a Master of Science degree in Geology from the University of Arizona. Mr. Van Nieuwenhuyse currently serves on the board of directors for Valhalla Metals Inc. Mr. Van Nieuwenhuyse has over forty years of experience.

Daniel Schieber - President & CEO

Mr. Schieber established his career in metals and mining finance as an analyst for the Stabilitas Group of Funds in 2005. During this time the fund grew from 3M EUR under management to 240M EUR becoming the best performing Gold/Silver fund in Germany.

In 2009, he co-founded Euroscandic International Group where he raised upwards of $350M in project financing for specific development projects in the mining sector. In 2011-2015, he pivoted to Canadian-based farmland investments, where he became Chief Investment Officer at Dynamic Capital Corp., which focused on long-term, recession-proof investments with emphasis on gold and silver.

Blaine Bailey - CFO

Mr. Bailey is a CPA, CGA working with public and private companies over the past 20 years. Mr. Bailey brings complementary skills to the team in areas of finance, administration, and financial reporting. Mr. Bailey is currently the CFO of GR Silver.

Mr. Bailey received his Bachelor of Commerce degree (Honors) from the University of Manitoba in 1977, and qualified for the CPA, CGA designation in British Columbia in 1983. Mr. Bailey has served in the capacity of accountant for Molson Brewery B.C. Ltd. and controller for Nabob Coffee Co. with head office in Zurich, Switzerland.

Board of directors

Curt Freeman

Mr. Freeman is a U.S. Certified Professional Geologist and a licensed geologist in the State of Alaska. Since forming Avalon Development in 1985, Curt and his crews have conducted mineral exploration all over Alaska as well as in the Yukon, the western United States, Central America, South America, New Zealand, and Africa. He has consulted for numerous major and junior mining companies and he and his team of professionals have been credited with a number of gold, copper, silver, nickel, platinum group, and rare metal discoveries in Alaska and other parts of the world. Currently Director and Founder of Tectonic Metals Inc.

Tom Peregoodoff

Mr. Peregoodoff has over 30 years of resource industry experience, much of it in Greenfield and Brownfield exploration and resource development. He is currently President, CEO, and Director of Apollo Silver Corp and a Director of American West Minerals Ltd. Prior to this he was President & CEO of Peregrine Diamonds where he led the company from the resource development phase through to the eventual sale to DeBeers Canada in 2018. Prior to Peregrine, Mr. Peregoodoff spent 18 years in several positions with the mining multinational BHP, culminating in his role as Vice President of Early State Exploration, with global responsibility for all early stage exploration across their commodity groups.

Stuart R. Ross

Mr. Ross has had a distinguished career as a senior officer and director of several public companies, including companies listed on the NASDAQ and TSX Venture exchanges. His sector experience includes mining, beverage production and distribution, medical services, gaming, and merchant banking, including 17 years as a senior officer and director of Clearly Canadian Beverage Corp (1986 to (2003). Most recently, Stuart was President & CEO of El Tigre Silver Corporation, a TSX Venture listed silver exploration company (2007 to 2015).

Andy Bowering

Mr. Bowering is a venture capitalist with 30 years of operational experience and leadership in mineral exploration and development metals from early exploration through to production. Mr. Bowering has held senior management positions in a variety of capacities. He has been responsible for the acquisition and sale of several assets and the raising of upwards of $250 million in development capital. He has operated and managed programs through North and South America and abroad. He is a founder, shareholder of Millennial Lithium Corp, and other publicly traded companies focused in the battery metals and precious metals space including Prime Mining Corp.





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