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Potential support in the $1.15 range


GoldMining Subsidiary, U.S. GoldMining, Announces Confirmatory Results, Including Highest Drill Intercept to Date at the Whistler Gold-Copper Project, Alaska

GoldMining Subsidiary, U.S. GoldMining, Announces Confirmatory Results, Including Highest Drill Intercept to Date at the Whistler Gold-Copper Project, Alaska

6 Reasons Why Gold Royalty Corp. (NYSE: GROY) Could Be Poised For Significant Upside Potential in 2024

Diverse Royalty Portfolio: The company holds royalty interests in a diversified portfolio of mining projects, including gold, copper, and silver. Diversification can provide stability and risk mitigation as performance in one commodity or project may offset fluctuations in others.

Stable Cash Flow: Royalty agreements often provide a stable and predictable cash flow, as they typically involve a percentage of the revenue generated from the mining operations. This can be attractive for investors seeking consistent returns.

Exploration Upside: Many of the projects in the company's portfolio are in advanced exploration or development stages, with ongoing exploration programs. This presents the potential for increased resource estimates, new discoveries, and extended mine life, contributing to the growth of royalty payments.

Proven Operators: Several projects in the portfolio are operated by well-established mining companies with a track record of successful operations. The involvement of experienced operators may enhance the likelihood of project success and timely development, reducing operational risks.

Strategic Project Locations: The company's projects are located in mining-friendly jurisdictions such as Canada and the USA. This can reduce geopolitical risks and regulatory uncertainties, providing a favorable environment for the development and operation of mining projects.

Upcoming Milestones: The company has various projects reaching significant milestones in the near future, such as feasibility studies, production commencements, and exploration updates. Positive outcomes from these events could act as catalysts for increased investor confidence and potential stock price appreciation.



Bullish Divergence, RSI Cross-up, and a strong area of support, what more could we ask for!

Strong hold of this level of support historically on stable volume

RSI Cross-up and strong bullish divergence provide a potent rally setup from this level

Combining the valuation potential, future catalysts, and technical setup, we are in an ideal zone for a massive bullish rally into the gaps above


Target #1: $1.60 (+20.30%)

Target #2: $1.71 (+28.57%)

Target #3: $2.00 (+50.38%)

Target #4: $2.64 (+98.50%)

Target #5: $2.89 (+117.29%)

Target #6: $3.72 (+179.70%)

Support: $1.15 Range

Gold Royalty Corp.



Gold Royalty Corp. (NYSE: GROY) is a mining royalty company that stands out in the investment landscape due to its diverse and strategically positioned portfolio. With a focus on precious metals, particularly gold, the company holds a collection of royalty interests in projects located in stable jurisdictions, including Canada and the USA. This diversification is a key strength, providing investors with exposure to different commodities and mitigating risks associated with individual projects.

One of the notable aspects of Gold Royalty Corp.'s investment appeal lies in the stability of its cash flow. Royalty agreements with mining operators ensure a steady stream of revenue, as the company receives a percentage of the production value from the underlying mines. This reliable income stream can be particularly attractive to investors seeking a balance between risk and return in the volatile mining sector.

The company's strategic approach to project selection involves partnering with proven and reputable mining operators. By collaborating with experienced industry players, Gold Royalty Corp. (NYSE: GROY) aims to minimize operational risks and increase the likelihood of successful project development. Several projects in its portfolio are operated by established mining companies with a track record of effective exploration and production.

Exploration upside is a key factor contributing to the growth potential of Gold Royalty Corp. (NYSE: GROY) Many of its projects are in advanced exploration or development stages, presenting opportunities for resource expansion and new discoveries. Ongoing exploration programs, coupled with positive results from drilling activities, could contribute to increased mineral reserves and, consequently, higher royalty payments.

The company's projects are strategically located in mining-friendly jurisdictions, such as Canada and the USA. This geographic positioning reduces geopolitical risks and regulatory uncertainties, creating a favorable environment for mining operations. Additionally, the presence of projects in stable jurisdictions enhances the attractiveness of Gold Royalty Corp. (NYSE: GROY) as an investment option.

As the mining industry is inherently capital-intensive, the successful closure of a $20 million IPO in 2023 positions Gold Royalty Corp. (NYSE: GROY) to fund exploration and development activities at its various projects. The infusion of capital is crucial for advancing exploration programs, conducting feasibility studies, and achieving key milestones, ultimately contributing to the company's growth trajectory.

Investors in Gold Royalty Corp. (NYSE: GROY) have the potential to benefit from upcoming milestones across its portfolio. With projects reaching significant stages such as feasibility studies, production commencements, and exploration updates, the company is poised for a series of catalysts that could positively impact investor sentiment and drive future stock price appreciation.

Gold Royalty Corp. (NYSE: GROY) emerges as a compelling investment opportunity in the mining royalty sector. With a focus on stability, diversification, and strategic partnerships, the company positions itself as an attractive choice for investors seeking exposure to the lucrative yet inherently volatile world of precious metal mining.


Investing in gold royalty companies, such as Gold Royalty Corp. (NYSE: GROY), can serve as a robust hedge against inflation for investors. These companies are uniquely positioned to withstand the impacts of rising inflation due to the nature of their revenue streams. Unlike traditional mining companies that may face escalating operational costs as a result of inflation, royalty companies are insulated from these pressures. The royalty model allows them to receive a predetermined percentage of the production value from mining operations, irrespective of the cost increases experienced by the operators. This insulation from cost inflation contributes to the stability of cash flows for royalty companies, providing investors with a reliable means to preserve wealth during periods of economic uncertainty.

As inflation erodes the purchasing power of fiat currencies, investors often turn to gold as a store of value. Gold royalty companies, by extension, benefit from the increased demand and higher prices for gold. In an environment where real interest rates decline due to inflation, the appeal of non-interest-bearing assets like gold tends to rise. The proceeds generated from royalty agreements, tied to gold production, see a boost as the price of gold climbs. Thus, investing in gold royalty companies becomes a strategic move for investors looking to protect their portfolios from the erosive effects of inflation while capitalizing on the inherent value of precious metals.

Gold Royalty Corp.



Intelligent Acquisitions Means Strong Valuation

Gold Royalty Corp. (NYSE: GROY)'s value proposition is rooted in its strategic approach to creating value through a demonstrated track record of accretive acquisitions. The company has consistently pursued opportunities to expand its royalty portfolio, enhancing its exposure to various mining projects and commodities. Through astute acquisitions, Gold Royalty has not only broadened its asset base but also increased the potential for robust, long-term revenue streams from a diversified range of mining operations. This strategy aligns with the company's commitment to delivering value to its shareholders by securing attractive royalty interests in both established and emerging mining projects.

The emphasis on accretive acquisitions underscores Gold Royalty's commitment to disciplined growth and value creation. By strategically adding high-quality royalties to its portfolio, the company positions itself to capitalize on the success and development of mining projects, translating into increased cash flows and potential for capital appreciation. Gold Royalty's value proposition, rooted in its proactive approach to acquisitions, reflects a commitment to maximizing shareholder value through a well-curated and expanding portfolio of royalties that are poised to deliver sustained returns over the long term.

Royalties Over Three Of The Five Largest Gold Mines In The USA & Canada

Gold Royalty Corp. (NYSE: GROY)'s notable value is derived from its ownership of royalties over some of the largest gold mines in North America. These foundational assets serve as cornerstones in the company's portfolio, offering exposure to well-established and prolific mining operations. By holding royalties over these significant gold mines, Gold Royalty Corp. (NYSE: GROY) positions itself to benefit from the extensive production and resource potential of these key assets. The inclusion of such foundational royalties enhances the stability and reliability of the company's revenue streams, contributing to its overall resilience and attractiveness to investors seeking exposure to the gold sector.

These foundational, long-life assets not only provide a solid base for Gold Royalty Corp. (NYSE: GROY)'s current revenue generation but also serve as a crucial element in the company's future growth strategy. Long-term mine life, substantial mineral reserves, and consistent production levels from these key assets contribute to the overall strength and sustainability of Gold Royalty Corp. (NYSE: GROY)'s business model. The combination of foundational royalties over major gold mines and a focus on future growth positions the company strategically within the market, presenting investors with an opportunity to participate in the success and longevity of significant mining projects in North America.

A Monolithic Pipeline For Revenue & Production Growth

Gold Royalty Corp. (NYSE: GROY) is poised for significant growth with robust sources coming into production. The company strategically positions itself to capitalize on the development and commencement of various mining projects, ensuring a diversified and expanding portfolio. The anticipation of new revenue streams from these emerging projects enhances Gold Royalty Corp. (NYSE: GROY)'s potential for sustained growth and increased shareholder value. As these projects progress towards production, the company stands to benefit from the added contributions to its royalty portfolio, reinforcing its position as a key player in the gold royalty sector.

With a forward-looking approach, Gold Royalty Corp. (NYSE: GROY) focuses on securing royalties over projects with substantial growth potential. This strategy aligns with the company's goal of providing investors with exposure to rising gold markets and expanding mining operations. The emphasis on robust sources of growth underscores Gold Royalty Corp. (NYSE: GROY)'s commitment to delivering long-term value, and as these projects move forward, the company is positioned to capitalize on the increased production and resource potential, further solidifying its standing within the royalty and streaming sector.

Gold Royalty Corp.



Analyst coverage, consolidated market presence, strength in shareholder support

Gold Royalty Corp. (NYSE: GROY) boasts strong analyst coverage, a consolidated market presence, and robust shareholder support, all contributing to its overall strength in the financial markets. With comprehensive coverage from industry analysts, the company's performance and growth potential are regularly evaluated and communicated to investors. Its consolidated market presence signifies a stable and well-established position within the royalty and streaming sector. Moreover, the considerable support from shareholders underlines confidence in the company's strategies and future prospects, reflecting a positive outlook and reinforcing Gold Royalty Corp. (NYSE: GROY)'s credibility in the financial landscape.


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