Bringing Big Tech To It’s Knees

With patents in hand, it looks like one particular company is about to bring Silicon Valley to its knees by potentially taking control of the multibillion-dollar mobile payments industry. Learn more about this unbelievable development.

Like Doordash But For The Lottery

Buying lottery tickets is the same experience today as it has been for decades, but an online lottery company wants to bring the lotto into the 21st century. Continue reading for our detailed analysis and projections.

Breakthrough Element Increases Lithium Batteries Capacity By 400%

Break Through Element Increases Lithium Batteries Capacity By 400% Lithium batteries have changed the world, powering laptops to cell phones, electric cars to solar energy, a total revolution. (CSE:FTEL, OTC:GODYF) Build your watchlist with us Get the latest stock ideas direct to your inbox. 100% free and your information stays with us. SUBMIT !function(){function t(t){this.element=t,this.animationId,this.start=null,this.init()}if(!window.requestAnimationFrame){var… Continue reading Breakthrough Element Increases Lithium Batteries Capacity By 400%

Best In Class Micro-Cap Explorer

Surge Battery Metals is positioned as a real market leader due to the company’s game-changing micro-cap explorer. And how will the company’s tech affect the price of its stock?

Bringing X-Ray Vision To The Market

GMB Technologies, Inc. is looking to shake up the tech sector by making our dreams of x-ray vision a reality. The company’s game-changing tech will even be powered by artificial intelligence. Learn more.

Revolutionary Battery Tech

KULR Technology Group is completely upending an $8 billion industry. Check out KULR, the company’s thermal protection technology, and why you should care.